How to Prepare for a Hurricane in Raleigh NC​

Hurricane season is here and that comes with unfortunate damages in areas that are targeted, including Raleigh NC. Possible damages almost always are WIND and WATER damages. In this blog post, we’ll discuss these types of damages and the various ways how to prepare for a hurricane in Raleigh NC.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane in Raleigh NC​

Wind Damage

  • Wind damage can blow off the roof and/or roof accessories. Look out for loose and missing shingles, and sagging or blown-off gutters.


  • Throw loose items onto your roof causing holes, punctures, and other damage. This can create an entry point for water to seep through inside causing water damage.


  • Ripping off any necessary mounting hardware on the roof. Nails and fasteners can easily loosen and ripped off because of strong winds. This can create gaps and cracks on your roof.

Water Damage

  • Water and hail are almost always present with winds in a storm. Where wind can cause damage to your roof system, water can cause even further damage both inside and outside of your home.


  • Leakage problems can damage your ceilings, internal walls and external walls, interior furniture and fixtures, and even structural issues. 


  • Once your roof has already sustained damage and water has entered the interiors of your building, your property will be more susceptible to severe moss and mold growth.

How to Prepare Your Roof

Roman Roofing recommends doing the following to prepare your roof and protect your investment and family:

  • Get a professional roof inspection. Before the hurricane season arrives, get your roof professionally inspected. You will be able to spot any roof issues and have them repaired right away before they worsen and cause more damage later on. This way, your roof will be more prepared to hurdle hurricanes and prevent damage caused by strong winds and heavy rains.


  • Repair any roof issues. Have any roof issues fixed right away, no matter how small or big they may be. Remember that the hurricane can magnify these issues and by that time, it will be too late to do repairs. The hurricane will already wreak havoc on your property, both inside and outside.


  • Clear gutters and drains. Cleaning your gutters and drains and making sure they are free from debris will ensure that water can easily drain away from your property. If they are clogged, most likely the water will just sit there and end up seeping through your walls causing severe water damage.


  • Trim nearby trees and overhanging branches. Take a walk around your building and check the nearby trees. Look for dead branches and those that are overhanging your roof. Trim them down because they can easily be blown off during the hurricane and land on the roof.


  • Secure yard furniture and other potential projectiles. Flying debris is one of the most common problems during hurricanes. Strong winds can easily blow off your outside furniture and fixtures so make sure to secure them before the hurricane arrives. Strap them down or store them inside your property.


  • Have roof straps secured. Strong winds can also easily blow off your roof, especially if they are already old or poorly installed. A strap can help secure the roof. If you don’t have them, it’s worth considering having one. If you already do, check and make sure they are properly secured.


  • Secure roof documentation. It is better to be ready for any eventualities. Documenting the condition of your roof before the hurricane arrives will help your insurance claim process later on, should your roof really sustain any damage. This documentation can help expedite your claims and give you a higher chance of approval.


  • Keep up to date with your insurance and warranties. This is an important step on how to prepare for a hurricane in Raleigh NC. Review your insurance coverage and make sure you are properly informed and updated. Check whether hurricane or storm damage is covered. If yes, determine what specific items are included.

Roman Roofing can help you how to prepare for a hurricane in Raleigh NC!

At Roman Roofing, our goals are to help every homeowner in our community get their roof hurricane-ready. We can assist you with how to prepare for a hurricane in Raleigh NC by performing a thorough roof inspection beforehand. If your roof has sustained damage, we can also perform roof repairs and replacements at any time. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

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