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Roman Roofing takes pride in being hailed as the best roofing contractor Cary NC has to offer. We also serve both residential and commercial customers in Raleigh, Wendell, Knightdale, Zebulon, Clayton, Garner, Youngsville, Wake Forest, Apex, and Morrisville.

As the best roofer in Cary NC, we have a trusted team that is dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none. We are top-rated and highly recommended not just by our past customers but by industry leaders as well. Whether you have a new construction project or just in need of roof repair or replacement services, we’ve got you covered.

Roman Roofing has the expertise and experience to handle several types of roofs, including roofing contractor cary nc. We’ll provide individualized roofing options so you can choose the right roofing plan for your home or business. We’ll guarantee customer satisfaction! Give us a call today and let’s discuss your roofing needs and all the options available to you.

Our Services

As the best full-service roofing contractor Cary NC has to offer, we provide the following:

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Residential Roofing

Your roof is the main defense against the elements and whatever mother nature throws at it. This is why you need to make sure you’ll have a durable and properly installed roof so your property is always protected all year round.

In addition, it is also one of the more significant financial decisions you’ll make for your home. This is why your roof deserves only the best Cary residential roofing services available so you’ll get the most value for your money.

Roman Roofing can walk you through the best options to fit your needs and budget. As the best local roofing contractor Cary NC has to offer, we’ll make sure the roof installed by us will keep you and your household safe and sound.

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Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs not only protects your business from the weather and other potential dangers but also build a reputation for your customer. A strong, reliable roof will also paint a strong, reliable business. This is why you need only the best commercial roof out there!

In addition, it should be able to withstand the local climate conditions as well. Your roof should keep your business protected all year round so you can protect your clients as well. Roman Roofing knows this!

As the best roofing contractor in Cary, we can give you a durable and reliable roof that can withstand all types of weather. We’ll make sure they’ll attract and retain customers too! Contact us today for our EDPM Roofing Services.

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Gutters are the unsung hero of your home. They help keep water away by directing them from your house and into a designated area. Without them, your property will be more susceptible to damage such as flooding, soil erosion, or standing water pooling near your home’s foundation.

At Roman Roofing, we offer FREE Gutter installation, cleaning, or guards on all our roof installation projects! So compliment your new roof with matching gutters to increase your curb appeal even more and get better protection on your property. 

Roman Roofing is an expert in various types of gutters to match your roof and your home’s overall look. As the best roofers Cary NC has to offer, our gutter services are unmatched. Contact us today to get started!

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No matter how durable and well-maintained your roof is, it is not invincible and impervious to damage. At some point in time, whether it’s due to storms or normal wear and tear, you’ll need roof repairs to get your roof back in shape and in its best condition.

Ignoring problems for too long can cause headaches down the road. Whether you’re experiencing leaks or dealing with other types of roof damage, start with a free inspection today to get your roof repaired right away. 

Roman Roofing provides timely and efficient roof inspections and repairs to help every homeowner in our community. As the best roofing company in Cary, we’ll keep your roof safe and in shape all the time. We deliver only the best services on roof repair Cary has to offer!

Roof and Siding Repair


Along with your roof, it is the siding that shields your property from nature’s elements and other potential dangers. This is why it is crucial to always have properly installed, well-functioning, and well-maintained siding at all times.  

In addition, the right siding will also enhance your property’s curb appeal and increase its value. Whether you just want the best-looking house in the neighborhood or you’re planning on selling your home in the future, good siding is an investment.

Roman Roofing offers high-quality siding services. As the best siding contractors Cary NC has to offer, we are knowledgeable about the various siding solutions and we can help you find the right siding option for your property!

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Exterior Home & Commercial Cleaning

Age and environmental factors help in making your property’s exteriors old and worn out. From your roof to your siding, windows, patio, and walkways, they are more exposed to dirt, dust, and debris making your property unpleasant to look at.

Roof cleaning and exterior home pressure washing by Roman Roofing will rejuvenate your property, making it gleam with cleanliness again. We provide exterior cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing, brick washing, algae removal, and driveway cleaning services.

As the best roofing company in Cary, our exterior home and commercial cleaning services will ensure you can welcome guests, visiting relatives, or friends with a clean and tidy home that everyone will surely admire.

Why Choose Roman Roofing in Cary NC?

As specialists in residential and commercial roofing services, we are a dedicated roofing company in Cary to providing customer service that is second to none. Whether you have a new construction project or are just in need of repairs or replacements, we can ensure the following:

  • Individualized Roofing Options

    As the best roofing contractor Cary NC has to offer, we can provide you with a full consultation to explain all of your available options that are right for your home or business. We will work with you and adhere to your personal needs, and then we'll be in contact throughout the whole project.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of roofing knowledge, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied with the results.

  • Local Trusted Crews

    We are a local, family-owned and operated company in Cary NC. We use only local, trusted crews that are experts in all types of roofing materials including shingles, metal roofs, and copper metal works for bay windows and valleys.

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We Provide a 5-Star Experience

Our family owned and operated business strives for prompt and professional work at all times. See what our customers have to say about us:

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Choosing the Best Roofing Company in Cary

Your roof is one of your biggest home investments. This is why finding a reliable roofing contractor in Cary NC is essential. We understand that you want to inquire about several roofing companies before deciding which one to hire. 

To help you, here are a few questions you should ask to make sure that the roofer you’ll hire is indeed the best in Cary NC. Keep in mind that the best roofing company will be willing to respond to these inquiries in a straightforward and honest manner.

  • Which company is the best for roofing?

    Roman Roofing offers the best roofing services in Cary, NC. Our past customers can attest to the quality of the services we provide and industry leaders can also vouch for our expertise and skills. Call us today to learn more about the Cary residential roofing services we provide!

  • How do I find a reliable roofer in my area?

    Ask for recommendations and hire locally. Make sure the roofer is also top-rated and highly recommended. This is why Roman Roofing should be on top of your list! We are a local company that comes highly recommended by everyone we worked with!

  • What type of roofing lasts the longest?

    Roman Roofing knows the answer to this! As the best roofers Cary NC has to offer, we are knowledgeable about various roofing solutions and we know what will work best for your property and in your area. Book a consultation with us to learn more!


The Best Roofers Cary NC

As the best roofing contractor Cary NC has to offer, we’ll take care of all your roofing and siding needs. From roof, gutter, and siding installation to maintenance, repair, and replacement, we’ve got you covered! We’ll provide only the best services that are fully customizable to guarantee customer satisfaction! Contact us today to know about all the services we provide!

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