Different Types of Roofs for Commercial Roofing Company Raleigh NC

When choosing a commercial roofing material, it’s important to know and understand all of your options. Roman Roofing specializes in residential and commercial roofing and has the knowledge and experience for installing different types of roofs. Understanding the best option for a commercial roof as a property owner, determined by a roofing company Raleigh, this is a list of options for a roof

Commercial Roofing Company Raleigh NC


Metal roofing is popular for commercial properties because of its longevity and durability. When taken care of, metal can last much longer than any other roofing materials, some up to 50 years. Metal roofing is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient making it ideal for commercial properties. The disadvantages? Metal roofs can be costly up front to install, and under certain weather conditions can be very loud from the sounds that impact the roof.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, or EPDM, roofing is a very popular commercial roofing type for low-sloped or flat roofed buildings. EPDM is a synthetic rubber material that is adhered to your roof. It’s an extremely durable material that can withstand storms and is super cost-effective, making it one of the most popular commercial roofing materials. An EPDM roof typically lasts around 30 years when taken care of. The downsides to EPDM roofing are that it’s a dark material that absorbs heat making it less energy efficient than other commercial roofing materials and  it’s possible that it can shrink overtime, making your roof vulnerable to damage. 


Thermoplastic Polyolefin, or TPO, roofing is growing in popularity for commercial properties. It’s a great material as it resists dirt and grime build-up, and is less likely than EPDM to tear. TPO is also lighter in color, making it much more energy efficient. An energy efficient roof can mean lower costs in the hot North Carolina summers. The downside is that TPO roofing can start to crack or develop weak spots when blasted with constant extreme heat.


BUR, or built-up roofing has been around for decades. Basically it’s an asphalt roofing material that is super durable and flexible. It’s created by layering different roofing “reinforced fabrics” on top of each other. Property owners can choose different ply of BUR roofing to fit certain budgets. Just like other roofing materials, over time damages to BUR roofing starts to occur.

What’s Best for Your Business?

So which roofing material is best for your commercial property? It really depends on your property and overall budget. Our roofing company Raleigh, NC will help your place of business have the best option for your commercial roof. Taking in account our experience and knowledge, we can build the best option and we’ll handle it with tremendous care. Give us a call today and let’s chat about  the best options for your commercial roofing!

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