4 Tips for Roof and Siding Repair in Raleigh NC

When it comes to roof and siding repair in Raleigh NC, some homeowners may think that the job is easy. They can even do it on their own to save not just money but also time since they won’t have to deal with any contractor.

But regardless of whether or not you should do it on your own, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to avoid extensive and costly repairs in the future, or worse, a full roof replacement.

Roof and Siding Repair

Timely repairs are crucial

Some homeowners may think that repairs, especially minor ones, are not urgent or something that should be taken care of right away – but that should not be the case. Repair for roof and siding damage, no matter how small or big it may be, should be tended the soonest time possible.

Once ignored or untreated, minor damage may worsen and cause further damage to your property. That minor leak can turn into a massive leak. That moss growth on a certain area of the roof or siding can also spread all over causing other issues.

So before it comes to that, you should have your siding and roof repaired as soon as you notice the damage. With timely repairs, you can save thousands of dollars on extensive and costly repairs or even replacements.

Perform the repair in nice, warm weather

You cannot just carry out roof repairs any time, and in any weather. You have to wait for a certain time of the day or a certain weather before you should perform them.

For instance, if your roof sustained a minor leak due to a storm, wait for the storm to pass and for your roof to dry up. Do not climb up on the roof while it is wet and slippery as that can be dangerous. Patches and sealants will also not work effectively on a wet surface.

So whenever you’ll perform a roof and siding repair, check the weather days in advance and choose a day with nice, warm weather. It will be safer and your repairs will be more effective.

Use the proper tools and equipment

Roof and siding repair will require the use of specific tools and equipment to carry out the job effectively and efficiently. For roof repair, you may need a hammer, pry bar, crowbar, and shovel. For siding repair, you may need a siding remover, caulk, and among other things. Keep these tools available and handy before starting any work.

In addition, you also need personal protective equipment if you’re doing the repairs on your own. Safety should always be the priority so never start any repair work without the proper safety equipment. This may include protective eyeglasses, a hard hat, and a harness.

Know when to call a professional

Not all types of repairs can be done DIY. There are roof and siding damage that can be better handled by a team of experts trained and certified to do the job. So know when to call professionals, especially if it already involves extensive repairs.

But even if it involves minor repairs only, if you are not capable or comfortable doing the repairs on your own, let the professionals handle the work. They will be able to repair any of your roof and siding issues right away and in the right way.

Need help with roof and siding repair in Raleigh NC?

Roman Roofing can help! We are an expert in both siding and roof repair. We have a team of roofing professionals who are trained, skilled, and experienced to handle any repair works. From minor repairs to extensive repairs, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to get started!

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