Key Factors in Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor in the Raleigh, NC Area

Roofing contractors in Raleigh NC run the gamut when it comes to expertise and reliability. Many opportunities exist to serve home and business owners with roofing services in this area which includes the communities of Wendell, Knightdale, Zebulon, Clayton, Garner, Youngsville, Wake Forest, Apex, Cary, and Morrisville, North Carolina, as well as other surrounding neighborhoods. The prevalence of so much opportunity means choosing the right roofing contractors can be a challenge. Few home service needs are as vital as roofing repairs and replacements. If not done right by a qualified roofing specialist, the result can be costly roof system malfunctions down the road.

Believe it or not, within only a 25-mile radius of Raleigh, NC there are nearly 800 roofing contractors as listed by the Better Business Bureau! Whether your first choice is Roman Roofing or another roofing contractor, doing your homework first is highly important. Our company, based in Wendell NC, just east of Raleigh, welcomes your intense scrutiny of our qualifications. At Roman Roofing, we’re out to earn your trust and prove our superior quality. Here are some common guidelines for evaluating roofing contractors in the Raleigh, NC area.

1. Ask Questions

As a property owner who is about to spend thousands of dollars on a roof replacement or hundreds on a roof repair job, you have the right to know every detail of the work and materials that go into the project. “How much will it cost?” “How much time will it take?” “Do you guarantee your workmanship?” “What about the warranty of the manufacturer?” “Have you completed jobs in the neighborhood, and if so can you provide referrals?”

If your project is going to exceed $30,000, the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors requires a license, so ask your contractor about that, too. Questions like these can help put your mind at rest and assure a job well done in the end.

2. Compare Skills and Specialties

Roman Roofing is proud of our expertise and the satisfaction level of our past customers. When assessing the right roofing contractor for your project, make sure you find out if the contractor’s skills and specialties match the needs that you have, i.e., some contractors focus on metal roofing, while others have experience that is limited to conventional asphalt shingles, and some roofers are skilled in both. Some contractors steer away from gutter work. Some do not work extensively on flat roofs which require different methods and materials.  So. make sure the contractor has a solid track record with whatever material you have selected to use on your property and see if the contractor has any manufacturers’ certifications.

3. Check out Customer Testimonials and Ratings

Maybe you have friends, neighbors, or coworkers who used a contractor with which they were highly satisfied. Their recommendations can be an excellent indicator that you have chosen a reliable partner for your roofing needs! Google ratings and Facebook ratings are also helpful indicators of a contractor’s strengths. People who take the time to submit Google reviews and Facebook reviews offer insight for other property owners, so explore some of the ratings and customer testimonials as you decide on a  contractor, then call Roman Roofing! Our past customers are our best advocates.

4. Roofing is “Methodical”

Roman Roofing adheres to strict processes when performing roof tear-offs,  replacements, and repairs. Everyone on the project team knows the best practices involved in every job. All roofing contractors should follow a defined process and, as a property owner, you should ask about the details of their process as it pertains to your particular project.  When you find out how methodical Roman Roofing is in its approach to roofing., you’ll better understand the value of the work to be done.

5. Is Your Roofing Contractor a Local Business?

A roofing company that has staked its reputation in your community is better than a company that’s located 100 miles away. The roofing business is competitive and many companies chasing any opportunity they can get will travel far a wide.  The closer to your neighborhood a roofer is, the more conscientious they are likely to be to deliver superior results. It’s always preferable to find a company that does work locally.

6. Don’t be Motivated by Price Only

Above all, what a property owner needs is a quality job using superior materials at a fair price. The lowest quote doesn’t always equate to the best overall value, nor does the highest cost mean the best workmanship and materials. Compare all of the factors involved in the appointment of a contractor for your job – their level of experience, their training and manufacturers’ certification, their past customer recommendations, their professionalism and prompt follow up leading up to your decision to hire them…all these are critical to ensuring a well-done roofing job that will last longer and avoid unnecessary repairs to correct mistakes made by an inferior contractor. Of course, the price you pay is also a major factor in your decision but focus more on value. Understand the full process to be undertaken by the contractor and don’t be swayed by the lowest priced bid!

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