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Owning a home provides you with a lot of opportunities and a number of challenges. One such challenge that you may face is with your gutters. Are they in good condition? Are they protecting your home against water damage and erosion? Do they require cleaning, repair, or replacement? To help you determine whether your gutter needs some upgrade with the best gutter guard companies, here are some of the warning signs that you should look out for:

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Warning Signs that Your Gutter Needs Upgrade


Gutters are supposed to efficiently drain water away from your home. But if the water is starting to pool near your home’s foundation, then it is an indication that your gutters may be cracked. Aside from that, it can also cause significant damage to your fascia boards and shingles. So if you notice a crack on your gutters, no matter how small, you should repair them immediately before it worsens and causes more damage.

Peeling Paint

Gutters are made to withstand any wear and tear throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions. So if you notice that the paint on your gutters is starting to peel, then it may indicate that water is stuck there or there is a leak due to cracks. If you notice this, repair or replace your gutters immediately.


If you will notice rot in the exterior soffit, eaves, door jambs, and window sills of your home, then check your gutters as it might be due to clogs or leaks. Gutters are where the water flows so if it cannot drain properly, then the water might end up cascading on the sides of your home which will lead to rot.

Pools of Water or Mildew

Gutters are designed to keep water away from your home’s foundation. It is supposed to keep the water flowing into the downspouts to drain properly. However, if you notice that there are pools of water or mildews growing near the foundation, then this may indicate that your gutter is not working as intended. This could be caused by clogs or any other debris which might be blocking your gutters and preventing them from draining the waters.

Gutter Sag or Pulling Away from the House

This is one of the glaring signs that your gutter needs an upgrade as you don’t even have to climb on the ladder to notice it. Gutters should never divert away from your house. If it is, it’s probably because there is too much water and it can no longer handle the weight. Your gutter may not be draining properly or there is debris blocking the water flow. So if you notice your gutters sagging away from your house, consider replacing them instead since gutter repairs are actually more costly.

Poor Quality and Improperly Installed Gutter Guards

Always remember that when it rains, water will flow into your gutters whether you like it or not. That’s why, over time, these gutters can become clogged and filled with different types of debris. However, gutter guards can help you manage how that water flows on your property. A great gutter guard system will limit the amount of debris and other material flowing into your gutters. 


Thus, poor quality and improperly installed gutter guards will also affect the performance of your gutters. If your gutter guards aren’t well-made, you’ll wind up with a malfunctioning gutter system which will put your property at risk for water damage. If your gutter guards are not installed properly as well, they may not work effectively causing harm to your home. When gutter guards fail, clogged gutters arise which might cause costly problems such as water pooling and foundation damage. 


So always make sure to choose only the durable and reliable gutter guards and let an expert roofing contractor install them.

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Warning Signs that Your Gutter Needs Upgrade

Now, the next thing that might come to your mind is the different types of gutter guards. You need to know these so that you know which one can work well with your roof to avoid or prevent any gutter problems. Here are some of them:


Brush-Style gutter guards are basically just oversized pipe cleaners placed inside the gutter to prevent large debris that might cause clogs. They are easy to install and economical, which is why it is popular with people who want to install them themselves to save on the cost.


This is another easy-to-install type of gutter guard. It is a triangular block of foam that is placed in the gutter to prevent debris from entering. It will also not require any nails or screws, making it less prone to leaks and damage.


Screen gutter guards involve plastics or wire grids that will block debris from entering your gutters. It is also inexpensive and easy to install. Just slide it beneath the shingles to cover the entire length of your gutter.


Micro-mesh gutter guards are similar to screens. They are placed beneath the shingles to cover the gutter thereby blocking any leaves and other debris. It is very effective in blocking even the smallest debris, allowing the water to flow more freely.

Reverse Curve

This type of gutter guard is made of molded plastics or lightweight metal. It looks like an extension of the shingles so the water flows on top of it before draining to the downward curve. It works very well in keeping debris out, even those smallest leaves from the trees located nearby your house.

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